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About McKenzie Friends

List of McKenzie Friends is currently unavailable - we are ironing out some technical problems and we hope to have the list back up very shortly (Paul Apreda - National Manager) 19 Dec 2013 


A McKenzie Friend is a person that accompanies a Litigant in Person to court in order to;

  1. Provide emotional support.
  2. Assist with case papers.
  3. Quietly assist on points of law.
  4. Assist with questions for witnesses.

If you wish your McKenzie Friend to play a more active role in your hearing YOU must apply for them to have a 'Right of Audience' before the hearing commences.

Your McKenzie Friend should be able to assist you with this.

The role of a McKenzie Friend is set out in guidance from the President of the Family Law Judges [see here]

For detailed information regarding the role of McKenzie Friends please click here

The Charity has a list of people who, we believe, act as McKenzie friends. Hopefully the list (see bottom of page ) will help you access a McKenzie Friend.

The Charity has to stress that:-

  • Any subsequent agreement is between the parent and the chosen McKenzie Friend. The Charity accepts no responsibility for the quality or reliability of the arrangement, although we do ask that you provide feedback on your experiences. We would then take any appropriate action we considered necessary.
  • At no time, is it permitted for a McKenzie Friend to claim that they act on behalf of the Charity during proceedings.
  • In short, the job of a McKenzie Friend is confided to a specific hearing.


We hope that the assistance of a McKenzie Friend will enable your child or children to grow up knowing your love by improving your access to the Family Justice System.

To achieve this, we will do our best to give guidance to McKenzie Friends here in Wales, via our McKenzie Friend Co-ordinator.


We expect McKenzie Friends to conform to our McKenzie Friend Code of Conduct.

 Please give us feedback


  • Read the McKenzie's CV before undertaking any agreement to use a McKenzie Friend
  • Try and find out as much as you can about the person you are thinking of using. Ask others. Perhaps they are listed on the internet?
  • The McKenzie Friend does not act on behalf of the Charity
  • The McKenzie Friend should have a basic fundamental knowledge of how a McKenzie Friend can help in court.
  • The McKenzie Friend should put your child's interests before any financial consideration.

Please note that some McKenzie Friends offer their support pro-bono ( free); others ask for their expenses; others ask for their expenses and a rate for the time they spend in court; others ask for their expenses, and all the time they spend on your case.

As previously mentioned, whilst we try and ensure that we can provide some free assistance, some McKenzie Friends will charge.

Please ensure you have discussed with the McKenzie Friend whether there is any fee so that you are fully aware of the agreement you are entering into for the particular McKenzie Friend's help.

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